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Rock Island County Diversity

July 19, 2015

Proposed resolution affirms rights and protections
for Rock Island County LGBT employees.

The Rock Island County Board will review a resolution that affirms rights and protections extended to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) county employees. The resolution was passed by the Human Resources Committee on Thursday, July 16, 2015, and will come before the full County board for final approval on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at the 5:30 county board meeting.

Nick Camlin, (D) Rock Island County Board Vice-Chairman asked me to co-sponsor this bill and I am proud to support a resolution that affirms the dignity and respect for our county’s LGBT employees. http://www.nickcamlin.com/news/LGBT   The resolution’s goal is to assure that Rock Island County extends equal benefits to all.

In bi-partisan cooperation, Mr. Camlin states “with Mr. Drue Mielke, I am happy to co-sponsor a very important County Board Resolution that reaffirms our county’s commitment to LGBT employees and looks to the next horizon of rights and protections for all LGBT people.”

I lend my support to co-sponsor this employee resolution as a
Republican who recognizes and affirms the importance of individual right to self-determination, the dignity and worth of every individual, and individual opportunity for employees of our county.  I  believe that this resolution is an outgrowth of our appreciation for our diverse workforce by our Rock Island County Board.

Rock Island County has a rich history of extending respect and dignity to LGBT employees, including benefits for same-sex couples, implementing the 2011 Civil Union law and the 2015 Marriage Equality law, and setting policies protecting sexual orientation in the employee manual.

With the passage of this resolution, the County Board directs the Administrator and Human Resources Department to further county employees’ rights and protections by including both sexual orientation and gender identity into county policies, expanding diversity training to include LGBT people, and establishing a Diversity Council, ensuring that all married and civil union couples are included in Family and Medical Leave Act provisions, and encourage that businesses that contract with the county to have a procurement policy to have nondiscrimination policies that include LGBT people.

Mr. Camlin sends a clear message from the county, “If you come and work for our county, you will be valued and you will have nothing to fear-- you can be yourself!”



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