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Open Letter on Hope Creek Vote

Sue Golden

Downsizing Board

2014 Draft Budget

Hope Creek

Courthouse Future

County Board Meetings

Hope Creek Town Hall May 28th

RICo in violation of Open Meetings Act

Update Speech

The Oath I took

Rock Island County Budget:  2013-2014

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Bill to Allow Courthouse Without Voter Ok

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County Board Meeting Information

Community Links

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Jim Wozniak Interview

Progressive State Tax


Contact Drue-

I believe that public officials are here to serve the public

Please call me or email me if you have any questions or concerns. 

I answer every call and return every email from residents.

I can be reached via email at countyboard@druemielke.com,

and I encourage you to call me at (309) 235-7493.


Drue Mielke

I represent ALL the residents and realize that the most vulnerable of our residents may not have the loudest voice.


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